See Ability

I have had two great opportunities this week to help raise awareness about disability. First, as one of the lead writers for a new curriculum that will teach all students across Canada how to do four Paralympic sports. This will not only raise awaress of Paralmpic sport for able-bodied students, but may also inspire some future Paralympians.

Then I had the opportunity to appear in a video promoting “Teaching Awareness Through Puppetry” (formely called “Kids on the Block”) a unique puppet presentation that teaches children to be inclusive of children with differences.  Some of the puppets have disabiltiites themselves, and students can interact with them and ask them questions.

I am so glad to finally start actively raising awareness, as a special education teacher I know how damaging it can be to children with disabiltiies when they are isolated or treated differently. As someone who has a disabiltiy I know how frustrating it can be when people assume you can’t do things.

If we can start to educate students, we have hope of a better society in the future.


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  1. You are amazing! I just heard you speak in London and I won’t ever forget your words. Thank you for showing me the oportunities that come from not living an ordinary life.

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