Can I Just Take a Taxi Without an Incident?!!


As you may know, I have had many issues trying to get a taxi that will take my guide dog without it being some kind of problem .  Sometimes they have flat out refused to pick us up.

This is about the subtle discrimination. It’s noT really big enough to file a complaint about, but it’s enough to make you second guess going out, taking a taxi and opening yourself up to being made to feel like you are less than a person.

I was leaving a doctor appointment and was waiting outside the front door for the taxi.
I like the Beck taxi cabs because even I can see the brith orange as it pulls up. But this taxi slowed down and as Alan and I started walking towards it the taxi drove on further down the road away from us. I knew what was happening – the dog issue.

I waited for the phone call from the driver asking where I was – I was the only person standing in front of the building. It old him I’m the person standing with the guide dog – I’m blind. Shortly after an orange blur reversed into view and the driver, obviously annoyed, asked me if I had told the dispatcher that I had a guide dog. I had, and he angrily muttered that no one had told him.

So,, he drove me home and technically didn’t do anything wrong but this is the type of incident that makes me second guess whether I should go out and open myself up to someone making me feel like I am less than a person.

i think some people are not able to separate a guide dog from a pet dog. Guide dogs are completely different, thatis why there are laws protecting guide dog users.
Comparing a guide dog to a pet dog is like comparing a wheelchair to a bicycle.

I’m sure anyone who is reading this already knows the difference, but at least when I post I feel like I am doing something about it – even if it only educates one person….