TV Hosting

My first day on the set of AMI This Week was nerve wracking. I have been interviewed on camera many times and I have spoken in front of large crowds before many times but tv is so different.

The great thing about AMI This Week is that all the stories involve a person or issue that relates to disability. In this regard, I am always going to be interested in the stories and passionate about making more people aware of all the great things going on in the disability community.

The crew on AMI is fantastic – producers, sound, video and of course my co-host, all made me feel comfortable and welcome. They really made the whole process fun.
even though I know i have a steep learning curve ahead of me!

Here are some fun facts about my first day:

Number of times we had to readjust my microphone wire: at least 6

Number of cups of water on the hot set: 3

Number of times we had to re-shoot me saying the website “www.IntegritiesHaven Equine Rescue centre.Com” : I honestly lost count. It must have been 20 and in the end we got Anthony to say it!

Looking forward to the next shoot in a couple of weeks – stay tuned!