Seeing Beautiful


This week we took to the streets of Toronto to ask a variety of people to describe something beautiful for me. The idea is to “see” the world through other people’s eyes.

There were some incredibly beautiful answers – and not always the ones that you would expect.

First, we went down to the Harbourfront and we we’re able to speak to a wide range of tourists.

A little girl from the Bahamas said the CN Tower is the most beautiful thing she has seen because it is so tall.She was so little and soft spoken I could understand why the tower would put her in awe.

A woman from Mexico described an incredibly beautiful experience she had in China where people from all over the globe were there helping children. She wasn’t describing the colours or the lighting but the fact that she was witnessing such unity and good will.

A man in downtown Toronto gave a similar answer – he said true beauty is witnessing someone helping another person.

As we began to gather more of these answers it was exciting to me that the majority of answers didn’t have to do with seeing objects, true beauty has to do with experiencing an event – the emotion you feel, the feeling you get from the experience – what you see is only one component of true beauty.

While it is true that you obviously miss out on some incredible experiences when you have lost sight, the truly memorable and meaningful beautiful things are not experienced with the eyes.

We will be posting the videos of people’s responses soon…Stay tuned!